Adrian Lipscombe x Canje

June 12, 2022 6pm

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Join Chef Adrian Lipscombe (@adie-eats) & Chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph (@tavel19) on June 12th for an exciting collaboration night. Chefs Adrian and Tavel team up to create an exciting menu, featuring mango habanero chicken wings, beef shank, and sweet potato butter rum cake. Reservations are limited, book your table today to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Adrian Lipscombe is a living masterclass on Black legacy building. The chef-owner of @uptownecafe in La Crosse, Wisconsin, @adie_eats created the @40acresproject after experiencing a side effect of George Floyd's very public death and the resulting Black Lives Matter protests. She began to receive anonymous donations and Venmos from mostly white women; some even included messages such as "for your emotional labor." For a time, Adrian wasn't sure what to do with the unsolicited gifts. Her moment of clarity came the next morning: "If I accept this money, then it must be used for Black-owned land." The 40 Acres Project was born, and a @gofundme was created. The term "40 acres and a mule" refers to the promised reparations from the U.S. government for chattel slavery. After the Civil War, this plan would confiscate land from Confederate landowners and redistribute it to former slaves.⁠⁠ (Credit: @cherrybombe)